duminică, 31 octombrie 2010

it's a succes!!!

With your help we have collected supplies for 400 children!

We didn't achieve our target but we are steel proud about what we did with your help.

This week we will send the donations to the affected villages.

miercuri, 20 octombrie 2010


We have already collected school supplies for about 140 children (notebooks, pens, pencils, books and many other).

We have 10 more days to collect donations to buy the rest of supplies.


duminică, 10 octombrie 2010

school supplies for flood victims

Info:This summer the nord of Romania was flooded and many villages were strongly affected .The flood destroyed thousands of homes from villages like Dornesti,Straja,Patrauti,Radauti,Dorohoi and many others.

The goverment helps the ones affected by offering them support for rebuilding treir homes and food from donations.

No one thought that the children need school supplies for this new school year.This project is a found rasing for this children, our group takes the responsibility to buy books,notebooks,pencils,pens and other objects that a child need to have at school.

Target:We want to help about 450 children from Dornesti and Patrauti.If we'll achieve this target in December we'll resume this project for the Radauti village.

You can donate for this first part of the project until 30.Oct.2010 because on 01.nov.2010 we go to Dornesti and Patrauti to share what we will get until then.

We hope you will help us to achieve our target (the first part of the project)!

marți, 5 octombrie 2010

let's do it romania project

Our group took part to a national project one week ago.The project is called let's do it romania .Probably it is familiar to some of you if not we can tell you that the idea of this project is to mobilize in one day as many people as they we can to clean the rubbish from diferent places.

On 25 sept we went to some places as Spataru forest , a big field near Buzau and Crang forest to start the project ,I was impressed by the big number of people that have participated .The schedule was very clear ,everyone knew what to do.Around 14:00 everything was done.

We are thankful that we have found someone to offer us a financial support for paying the transport(trash transport and our transport),food and objects for cleaning.

Thanks for your help Mr Stefan Chitu and Mr Mihai Ionescu!

duminică, 3 octombrie 2010

Our purpose.

Everyone knows that Romania have big economical problems as many other countries but this is not a problem that we can solve,so we try to solve other problems.

The idea of this blog is to present some charity projects which aim to change the behaviour and the mentality of romanian people, but we also try to help poor families and finish things that our goverment couldn't.

We are not a charity foundation , we are just a group of students that have decided to try to change something in a place where no one does anything to reestablish the social equilibrium.